30 April 2016

NYC - Empire State Building

New York, the city that never sleeps! Well unless you've got jet-lag and a quick nap turns into a a few hours and you wake up at 10pm, oops! Well that's what happened to us on our first full day in the city, after exploring all day which you may have seen in my previous posts. Yet another reason to love New York, not that you needed any further convincing, the subway operates 24hrs, hurrah! London when will this become a thing?! We headed to a Mexican restuarant on our street for dinner and then caught the subway up to the Empire State Building.

28 April 2016

National Stationery Week

Seeing the tag National Stationery Week appear multiple times on various social media platforms this week seemed a better excuse then any to show you all a few of my current favourites and new purchases. As you're most likely aware by now I'm a bit of a stationery obsessive so I'm surprised I didn't hear about this sooner!


27 April 2016

NYC - Meeting Diresta

Following on from our morning exploring Soho, we headed back towards East Village. Before visiting NYC, Ollie messaged Jimmy Diresta a designer, artist and master builder who makes videos on Youtube who he's followed for years. I've watched lots of his videos and have seen for myself that Diresta is quite the making marvel, from renovating antique printing presses, to making a bespoke chess set and creating signs for the likes of 'Brompton' and 'Freixenet'. He can literally make anything! 

24 April 2016

NYC - Exploring Soho

We landed into JFK as the sun was setting over Manhattan. A rather beautiful welcome to the Big Apple if you ask me. I have visited NYC twice before, and each time we have landed at night each, so it was a nice surprise this time to see sweeping views of Manhattan in the golden haze of the sunset.


18 April 2016

Burberry Beauty

There are a few classic British designers and brands that I'll always gravitate towards. Their quality is second to none, have a sense of prestige and they ooze luxury. Burberry is one of these brands; iconic British design, that is faultless season after season. I have admired the brand for as long as I can remember. I can still hardly believe I've have the privilege to work on some projects with them and the beautiful Victoria.

16 April 2016

Putting pen to paper

I don't know about you but I always like to put pen to paper, whether it's writing down ideas or a to do list. I always find writing it down on paper cements the idea or encourages me to do the task at hand! There's a certain satisfaction with ticking off a completed item on your to do list.


15 April 2016

La Maltese Santorini

It's been a while, Ollie and I landed back from NYC yesterday afternoon and I've been catching up on work and emails ever since. I can't wait to get to work on the photos from New York to share with you all, we had the most amazing time. In the meantime, today's post is from my recent trip to Santorini with the wonderful Isabella.


5 April 2016

Notting Hill with Meredith

Last week I met up with my good friend Meredith for lunch in Notting Hill. You may have seen a previous post of mine when I first met up with Meredith back in October (see the full post here). I can hardly believe it's her last 30 days here in London already! Meredith's been in London for her gap year and is heading back to Toronto before starting university in NYC in the fall, how exciting is that?! I can't wait to plan a visit to see her!

4 April 2016

Travel & Holiday Essentials

I'm off to NYC with Ollie my boyfriend this week. I can't begin to explain how excited I am!! I can't wait to shoot in a city that's already got my heart on tenterhooks and to see it with my gent by my side is going to be an unforgettable experience. You can see my posts from my last trip to NYC back in 2012 here.

2 April 2016

Last Morning at Aqua

A few snapshots from Santorini and our last morning at Aqua Luxury Suites before we moved hotels for the second half of our trip. I loved staying at Aqua, the view was beyond anything I could have imagined. The staff were so friendly and we were really well looked after. We also made a little fluffy friend, 'Julie' the kitten; she belonged to one of the guys at the hotel and she came to our room on our final morning and joined us for breakfast. Isabella and I both wanted to take her with us. She was such a sweet natured and adorable kitten! When I'm abroad I like to make sure I have a range of clothing I feel comfortable and relaxed in. One of my fav pieces I took with me to Santorini was this stripe tee from Amercian Eagle. I love the fit and the way it hangs and the material is SO SOFT!! It's from their 'Soft & Sexy' range, so I'll definitely be investing in a few more pieces. I'm also wearing their high waisted jeggings, which are super comfy. What's your clothing essential for a holiday? I'd love to know as I'm planning my packing list for NYC as I write this post!

Portraits of me kindly shot by Isabella


1 April 2016

Exploring Oia

On our third day in Santorini we decided to hire a car, so we could explore some more of the island. Hiring a car is really easy to do (even once you're there and not booking in advance) and our hotel helped us book it. In the later Spring & Summer months you can also hire mopeds and quad bikes. We had a convertible for the day. We totally would have had the roof down, but just so happened to be the windiest day on our trip. We were windswept before we even stepped in the car.
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