Amber-Rose, Portrait and fashion photographer.

I’ve always had a very passionate interest in photography. Flicking through family photo albums was a very happy past time in my childhood years. As I grew up I’d always be found with a camera by my side. My interest, passion and ambition really sparked into over drive at the age of 13 when I received my first digital camera. I took photos of absolutely everything. I found capturing my own photographs and freezing that one moment in time absolutely mesmerising and I still do today, I think this is what helps me keep my photographic passion so alive. 

So now my camera is now a part of me, and I continue to capture the world around me, whether it be people, places or objects. What ever catches my eye I document.  I love capturing the essence of pure individuality, beauty and people that inspire me, this is what drives me and keeps me visually hungry.

After continuing to build a portfolio and documenting my progress on a blog, I’ve decided it was time to share some more, I want to show you all those snippets of natural beauty I capture. So this blog has been created to hold all of my little endeavors, adventures and stories. 

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