2 April 2016

Last Morning at Aqua

A few snapshots from Santorini and our last morning at Aqua Luxury Suites before we moved hotels for the second half of our trip. I loved staying at Aqua, the view was beyond anything I could have imagined. The staff were so friendly and we were really well looked after. We also made a little fluffy friend, 'Julie' the kitten; she belonged to one of the guys at the hotel and she came to our room on our final morning and joined us for breakfast. Isabella and I both wanted to take her with us. She was such a sweet natured and adorable kitten! When I'm abroad I like to make sure I have a range of clothing I feel comfortable and relaxed in. One of my fav pieces I took with me to Santorini was this stripe tee from Amercian Eagle. I love the fit and the way it hangs and the material is SO SOFT!! It's from their 'Soft & Sexy' range, so I'll definitely be investing in a few more pieces. I'm also wearing their high waisted jeggings, which are super comfy. What's your clothing essential for a holiday? I'd love to know as I'm planning my packing list for NYC as I write this post!

Portraits of me kindly shot by Isabella



  1. Beautiful pictures! :) I really want to go there right now!


    1. Thanks Julia :) Ahh you should definitely plan a trip to Santorini!!

  2. Ok amazing photos! :O :O New follower right here!!! xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Sarah! Be sure to follow me on instagram @amberrosephoto :)


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