1 December 2015

Dressed in all Nude - Isabella

I love how Isabella has put together this all nude look with sleek gold details. The whole outfit is from Reiss and has such a luxurious feel. It would be perfect for so many occasions; shopping in Notting Hill, a walk along a flower market at the weekend or brunch with a group of friends.
How is it the 1st of December already?! I am already feeling rather festive. My birthday is fast approaching and last weekend I had early celebrations with family and friends in London. I would never want to change having my birthday in December as I love the how festive this time of year is. But it does mean when I try to organise celebrations around my birthday with friends, weekends throughout December are filled with Christmas parties. So having a party earlier this year has meant I can make the celebrations continue for longer... after all a twenty-first birthday isn't supposed to be celebrated just the once is it? I had such a good time on Saturday night, and it was so nice to see some old faces and drink bottomless glasses of bubbles all night long!



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  2. I always forget you have so much talent for someone who isn't much older than me! You're doing awesome girl <3

    Gisforgingers xx


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