9 February 2015


To start the new year I thought it would be nice to begin a new series of posts entitled 'Lately' photos from recent happenings and moments I have captured whilst out and about . I'd really love to hear your feedback on this style of post, I hope you all like it.

Ace Hotel - Shoreditch; A fabulous hub to work remotely from. Super friendly staff and the ideal place for a mid morning coffee meeting. Morgane and I took advantage of the in-house photobooth.

Spit Jacks - Victoria Park; Saphia and I headed here for lunch before heading to the Guy Bourdin exhibition last month. I had the 'Chicken Bang Bang' sandwich, my oh my it was delicious!! I shall definitely be back here again for brunch, lunch and dinner when I get the chance.

2015's First snow fall - The first snowfall I have seen at our family home since moving last summer.
I just love the way snow covers everything it touches. The first of the snow dusts the landscape like sifted icing sugar. I'm looking forward to when we get a full snow covering so we can see the area in all its beautiful snowy glory.


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