24 February 2014

Ahoy there!

Okay so I haven't made it to the seaside... yet! But for now a countryside field will  have to do. With the amount of gail force winds we've been having I may as well have been stood at the end of a pier! Despite the wind the blue skies and sunshine kept me smiling this weekend. I couldn't resist snapping some photos in this seriously nautical outfit. With spring finally on the horizon the snow drops have sprouted and I have began to see blossom trees flourish. The next time you see this jacket and hat combo will surely be at the sea side, now where did I put my bucket and spade....? Have a wonderful week everyone. 



  1. Ohh I freaking LOVE your blog! Your photography is gorgeous. You're definitely a new favourite :)

    Hello from a new follower! Have a lovely week :)
    x x x

    1. Hi Tanya,
      That's so kind of you thank you :)
      I'm really pleased you like the blog and enjoy the photos too.
      Have a great weekend x


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