30 March 2013

Cocktail O'Clock

After a long miserable eight months my dear friend Karen arrived back on British soil after jet setting around the world. This called for one thing, a big, girly catch up round mine with Karen, Emily and myself, consisting of cocktails, sweet treats, and gawping in awe at a slide show of some of the incredible photos she'd taken on her travels. 

We baked up a storm, making brownies in the afternoon as seen in my previous post, as well as creating Krispy cakes with a twist; chocolate, peanut butter and creme eggs- oh yeah! Cue a big sugar rush topped up in the evening with espresso martinis, a very lovely Saturday.



  1. These pictures are so beautiful!!! Sounds like such a lovely way to spend an evening xxxx

    1. Aww thank you so much Sally, very sweet of you. We had a very lovely day all together :)


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