5 November 2012

Little Black Jacket

When I found out the 'Little Black Jacket' exhibition was coming to London it went straight onto my to-do list.  Karl Lagerfield you truly are a magical man, I left the exhibition feeling really inspired. I’m also amazed at the diverse range of people he’s used for the exhibition varying from Clémence Poésy to Lily Allen to Anna Wintour. I like that something universal within the world of fashion can connect them all together. The portraits were a delight to see first hand, its making me inspired all over again just thinking about them.



  1. This looks absolutely incredible - I really need to start going to more exhibitions and I'm definitely inspired to make the effort now! Is it still on? :D xxx

    1. It was truly incredible! It finished end of October unfortunatley :( Miss you xxx

  2. Wish I could've seen this! x



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