30 August 2014

Cath Kidtson #TOTESBIG Party @ 180 Piccadilly

On Thursday evening I was invited along to the launch of Cath Kidston's new season tote bag at their 180 Piccadilly flagship store, to photograph the event. Five prints, two sizes, one brand new tote. Which will you choose #totesbig or #totessmall? The illusion room was very popular, slightly mind boggling but Jaz and I had our poses nailed by the end of the night. Free bag readings, what does your handbag say about you? Civilised Mess did a excellent job, listening to Jazmine's fortune, definitely prompted me to have a go myself. Delicious #totessmall treats from 'The Desert Deli' and #totesbig mouthwatering indulgent chocolate bites from 'Bad Brownie' the salted caramel flavour was a match made in heaven! See Cath Kidston's facebook album of the nights photos here

Keep your eyes pealed for an upcoming post to see whether I'm #totessmall or #totesbig!


26 August 2014

Sundays in Aldeburgh

On Sunday we headed to Aldeburgh for the afternoon. Watching families with brightly coloured kites and sea gulls swooping in the sky on the pebble beach. Aldeburgh will always be one of my favourite places in the country. A trip wouldn't be complete without chips from the famous Chip shop and a ice cream to polish off the afternoon sat on the sea wall.

This weekend we also celebrated an early 1st wedding anniversary to Saphia & Mike, a year since getting married. It feels like just yesterday we were getting all the finishing touches together. If you'd like to take a look back at their special day, you can see the photos here.


24 August 2014

On The Harbour Front

Another evening in Xania, spent on the harbour front last month on holiday with Emily. I love how looking back through photos can transport you to that moment in time. Like walking through a memory, the colours of the sea, the light hitting the restaurants and shops around the harbour. I hope your all having a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend.

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