30 April 2017

National Stationery Week

Well I couldn't quite let National Stationery Week pass by and not tell you lovely lot about my current favourites. I think I might have an obsession with copper, can you tell?!?

24 April 2017

Girl vs Cancer

Once in a while you read or get a piece of news that totally shocks you and you're actually speechless. The piece of news I'm referring to in this instance is when I found out that my friend Lauren from 'Girl Stole London' had been diagnosed with breast cancer, I couldn't believe it. Thirty years young and been given this life changing news I could hardly believe it was real. 

13 April 2017

Pizza East

You lovely lot know that if I find a good restaurant it's likely I'll tell you about it and suggest you book a table asap. But I can't believe I'd not yet mentioned this one, my go-to pizza fave; Pizza East. Whilst 'Pizza East' have a few branches across London now. I usually visit their Shoreditch branch which is the original location.

9 April 2017

Spring has sprung

They say that a Sunday well spent brings a week of content, and I would have to agree. Sunday is always my day to reflect on the week that's passed and the week ahead.
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