31 January 2016

5 Year Blog Anniversary!!

My blog turned 5 yesterday! Writing that down and reading it allowed actually makes me feel a little shocked. When I first started my blog I wanted to use it to upload my photo shoots. A year later I decided I wanted to post more regularly and I wanted my blog to have a more personal feel to it. It was somewhere I could look back to in years to come and see what I got up to, that could showcase my professional and personal work. Four years on and I feel as if I've made a little part of the internet my very own. There's lots more I'd like to develop this year, its been two years since I last updated my layout and I'd love to work on getting on a new design to compliment my website.

24 January 2016


One thing I have told myself I'm going to do more of this year is write letters and send them in the post. There's something rather special about receiving post. I remember as a child being elated when I'd receive a postcard from a friend on holiday. When the thank you note (pictured above) from Jazmine came through my door, all those childhood feelings rushed back. Even if it's just a little note to remind someone that you're thinking of them, or a little thank you, it can't not brighten their day to have a personal note land on their doorstep.

21 January 2016

Jumper Dress - The Little Magpie

I shot this look with Amy last time she was in London. I'm rather excited to be reunited with my wee munchkin next week! Amy introduced me to jewellery brand Missoma who I've totally fallen for. I'm saving for a few pieces at the moment, but which to choose first, I mean they're all so gorgeous! I love how Amy's layered her two necklaces to add a delicate and elegant touch to this cosy outfit. The countdown to the weekend is well and truly on... what have you lovely lot got planned?

17 January 2016

Sunday Tales & Reflecting

Another weekend has flown past in the blink of an eye! Have you all enjoyed your weekends? After hurting my back this morning I've had a rather lazy Sunday passed out on the sofa watching home videos with Ollie. I had a million and one things to sort today, but Ollie goaded me to let us watch them, and we got to see chubby toddler Ambies!

12 January 2016

In The Frow - Tips for Success

Kicking off 2016's first shoot with the wonderful Victoria. It looks like Victoria and I will be working together more than ever this year which I am very pleased about. To coincide with these photos Victoria has written an article titled '10 Steps for Success' on Inthefrow.com. I seriously urge you to go and read it! It may seem like quite a bold title but I totally agree with Victoria and the point she is making, with each little thing you do and build upon in your career it allows you to gain confidence, experience and become more successful.

3 January 2016

Baby It's Cold Outside

Amy honestly is my little style guru! I love shooting with her and seeing how she puts an outfit together. Both being members of the five foot high club it's amazing to get advice from her for dressing a smaller frame. We shot these when Amy was last in London and it seems a rather fitting time for them to be released now as the weather's turned a little colder. And can we all take a minute to appreciate this gorgeous hat!? Amy introduced me to 'Bobbl', a British brand which offers a choice of coloured hats and a range of different sized and coloured bobbles, the possibilities are endless and I need one in my life!!

2 January 2016

2016 Lets do this...

Happy New Year!!

How did you ring in the New Year? Mine was a rather quiet affair but very wonderful, spent at home with Ollie. It was a treat to wake up on New Year's day without a stinking hangover... instead after a lie in I got up refreshed with a very positive outlook for the year ahead.
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