25 October 2015


It has been a little while since I shared an update of what's been going on in the past few months. I have taken a big step to becoming fully freelance, and in the past two months I have solely been working on new projects and undertaken new work with some fabulous brands! You may have caught my collaboration with Jack Wills, Olivia & Joe back in September [see full post here]. I am really looking forward to working with more brands and continuing to expand my portfolio further. I have quite a few projects in the pipeline currently so I will be sharing the photos on my website and the full stories behind the shoots on here.

21 October 2015

What does your fragrance say about you?

I recently collaborated with Victoria on this fragrance story for YSL for their newest scent 'Black Opium'. Such a fun shoot to work on as Victoria really wanted to create a story behind the way the fragrance made her feel. This eau du toilette version of the perfume is slightly fruitier, and the look of the bottle itself only emphasises this essence of grunge and rock chic, whilst still being feminine.

15 October 2015

Megan & Faye with Henry London

A few weekends ago I joined Megan and her sister Faye for brunch in Shoreditch. They were wearing their new personalised 'Henry London' watches. Their favourite condiments engraved on the back 'Ketchup' and 'Mayo', two very different flavours that work so well together just like Megan & Faye.The perfect start to a weekend!

12 October 2015

Columbia Road with Isabella - Part Two

I wanted to share these photos with you too as a farewell to summer. You may have already seen these photos over on Isabella's blog. These were taken back in July when Isabella and I spent the weekend together and we both stayed at Town Hall Hotel.

5 October 2015

Pups & Pooches at LFW

This season at LFW has been my biggest yet in terms of coverage and the wonderful ladies I've collaborated with. I thought I'd put my own spin on a different style of LFW coverage. I don't know about you but when out and about I'll spot pups and pooches, grab who I'm with and squeal "Look, how cute is that dog!!!". So across fashion week, some fashionista's carry their pooches in their arms and other pups you catch sight of are trying to keep up with their owners in 5 inch heels or a well to do gentleman in brogues, I find it unbelievable cute. Across the weekend at LFW I documented all of the adorable pups that caught my eye. I'd love to know if you like this fluffy feature and whether you'd like to see it make another appearance in the future.You can see all my coverage from London Fashion Week here.

4 October 2015

LFW Sunday Photo Diary

Sunday kicked off with a bang at Sophia Webster's Crazy Sexy Nauticool presentation! Which was blooming FANTASTIC! A total feast for the eyes, the production, set up and concept had been so well orchestrated and put together, a real treat to see it all first hand and to not have serious FOMO seeing photos plastered all over instagram. I met up with Victoria just before seeing this presentation, you can see the outfit photos here. I hope you've enjoyed these photo diaries of my days from fashion week, I would love to know your thoughts. I have one more post to come rounding up this season's coverage from LFW.

2 October 2015

Pom Pom - LFW With Megan

Megan had a full on Saturday at LFW with lots of shows to attend, she also took over the 'Glamorous' instagram account for the day. Another fabulous hat gracing this outfit, I love that Megan can add in a touch of novelty and still keep her look on trend and ooze gorgeousness! This outfit is definitely something I'll be looking to recreate during the autumn months.
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