28 October 2014

A Personal Touch #MyMV

Monica Vinader have been a firm favourite of mine for a few years now, Toni introduced me to the brand and I've been lusting after their timeless pieces ever since. I picked up my first personalised piece at a Vogue FNO event a few years ago. I wear the pendant practically everyday with my embellished 'A' on the front and hidden star on the back. I love delicate and intricate jewellery so that pendant will always be a favourite.

Upon entering MV's South Molton St store on Vogue Fashion Night Out last month, they were running a competition to win a personalised 'Havana' bracelet. With a glass of champagne in hand and browsing the store it would have been rude not to put in an entry. To my surprise I was contacted a week later to say I'd won!

My beautiful 'Havana' bracelet arrived in true MV style, what a wonderful treat to open after arriving home from work. My inscription says ' Believe' with an added star. Team MV added a special touch as the enscriber has copied my handwriting, how unique and so personal! I am beyond chuffed with my one of a kind piece and would like to thank the MV team, another classic piece to add to my collection.


26 October 2014

Tonis' Baby Shower

I can hardly believe how fast this year has flown by! It feels like yesterday my Sister Toni and Simon told us they'd be expecting little one come Christmas. My middle sister Toni is now 8 months pregnant and our family are about to welcome into the world their first grandchild. Saphia & I shall be an Auntie's for the first time. The whole situation just seems crazy! 

If you know me you'll know how close my family and I are, our family friends an my best friends are my extended family and I truly wouldn't have it any other way. The pure joy and excitement that we're going to have a new member makes me want to burst. Little Long; A Boy, my Dad can hardly believe it, after having three daughters you can probably guess he is more than chuffed to no longer watch us open make-up and jewellery come birthdays and christmas. Now the future holds remote control cars and aeroplanes, train sets and football mania! 

For Baby Shower Celebrations Toni's closet friends and I set up at 'Riding House Cafe' we used their 'Stables' room and it couldn't have been better. The staff were so helpful, setting up balloons and decorations with us until Toni arrived. A champagne toast for arrival of Mum-to-be set the afternoon in full flow! After laughing a little too much at the Baby slideshow I'd prepared we all had a wonderful catch up before a little video message from our eldest sister Saphia (she's currently road tripping across America with her husband Mike). We were gutted she couldn't be there, we had a toast in her honour and continued with the celebrations and our extremely delicious feast. A very heartwarming afternoon, I couldn't be happier for Toni and Simon and I can not begin to thank everyone so so much for making it such a special and memorable celebration. Hurry up due date.... I can not wait to finally meet you Little Long!!


12 October 2014

Meet Maggie...

Introducing a new addition to the Purvis family... Maggie!

When Olivia told me they'd be a welcoming this adorable bundle of fluff into the family. I could hardly control my excitement! Westies are a firm favourite in the Smith household with the likes of our Tinkerbell and the ever puppylike Beau still around. It's been quite some time since I've had a little puppy around the house. An if you're a dog lover you'll know exactly what I mean when I say 'puppy smell' I just want to bottle it up.

Arriving at Olivia's last Saturday I heard the pitter patter of tiny paws as I walked through the door. My my my Maggie welcomed me so much love and lots of excitable cuddles and kisses. We spent the afternoon fully distracted with Maggie having a hold of our full attention, managing to squeeze in some photos and a delicious afternoon tea. Is there a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon?

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