27 May 2011


Impromptu photos with the wonderful Emily, on Tuesday afternoon. Also a new addition to my photos the rabbit in the two bottom photos, his name is Pudding and I'm sure he'll pop up in shoots now and again. Emily has just set up her blog and will be posting regularly about her adventures, go give it a look.

In the meanwhile I have set up a personal blog, for everything I do post on here and well as additional bits and bobs, such a music playlists and inspiration etc, so give it a browse if you've got the time.


23 May 2011

A week to remember...

This week I saw a glimpse of what the future may hold.  After having a extremely successful meeting wednesday afternoon. I have been unable to stop myself from drifting up to cloud nine.  I hope everything will fall into place soon and I can let you all know, that my adventure is on the way. 

Here are the three self-portraits I've taken to document this whirlwind week.

Amber-Rose x

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