30 April 2011


A few weeks back I went with family and my close friend Sofia's family to Germany for a four day weekend. We luckily got a afternoon to do a small shoot around her families grounds. We ventured up into the eaves of the barns and bathed in the sun whilst cuddling 3 week old rabbits. I was a really lovely experience and Germany is such a wonderful place with some of the most breathtaking scenery. 


27 April 2011

Photo day with Cat Lane

Last friday I was fortunate enough to see my dear friend and extremely talented photographer Cat Lane. It's our first collaboration together this year, we can't wait to do more throughout the year, so keep your eyes pealed. We wandered through a beautiful bluebell woods and took photos while the sun put a smile on our faces. We then shot some photos whilst up ladders in a blossom tree and we both had a very full and inspiring. Below are my shots of Cat from the day.

Below are a few of the shots that Cat took of me, thank you so much. If you haven't already you must look at Cat's work, www.dismantlerepair.co.uk, take a look at her blog post from the day.

An to end here are our combined behind the scene shots and finally a photo of us together.


11 April 2011

Candy-floss Puppy

 After being fortunate enough to meet phenomenally talented photographer Tim Walker last year, I asked him how he coloured so many animals on shoots, he let me know his tricks of the trade. Last weekend I finally got the chance to colour my gorgeous puppy pink. It has to be said if we a lot of fun and I can't wait to do it again and experiment with more ideas and colours. Something a little different, but it's really exhilarating to try something new and working with animals in shoots is something I'd love to do more of. Would love your feedback on the photos.



 A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to see Sofia once again. I had asked Ollie a good friend of mine in the week to make me some origami cranes, which he kindly agreed to do. So Sofia and I hung the paper birds from the tree and I took photos while she admired them trying to fly in the wind. The whole concept reminded me of a dream. I hope you like this set of photos and I'd love your feedback.
All shot on my new 85mm lens, which I absolutely adore.


8 April 2011

March Playlist

My music playlist for March:

Mumford & Sons - Awake my soul
Cage the Elephant - Shake me down
Laura Marling - Ghosts
Kings of Convenience - Boat behind
Bombay Bicycle Club - Always Like this
The Naked and Famous - Young blood
Two Door Cinema Club - You are not stubborn
Arcade Fire - Suburbs

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